Welcome to this collaboratorium for the co-evolution of cities, economies, ecologies and societies…

Firstly, here’s to introduce a unique  ‘Atlas of the Future’  or ‘Pathway Language’ or ‘Beginner’s Guide’ for the 21st century… Deeper City

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For synopses & samples see – THE BOOK

For the Mind-Games, with visual ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking on the current crisis and opportunity – MIND-GAMES – together with a briefing paper on Pandemic 3.0

For more on the 40 pathways – (in progress) – RESOURCES

For practical guides on the Synergistic Tookit and its playbooks – see TOOLKIT

For background – the ideas of SYNERGISTICS – and the insights of VISUAL THINKING

For the demo Collaboratorium see the sister site Synergistics@manchester



Deeper City is not only the result of a decade of experimentation – it’s also a resource for work in progress. As the global deeper threat multipliers pile up, the opportunities multiply up, for synergistic thinking for the ‘pathways from smart to wise’. So here is a prospectus for an emerging global Collaboratorium – a ‘Laboratory for collaborative pathways’…



The Collaboratorium is an evolving program with multiple locations, stakeholders, fields, case studies, pilots, experiments and innovations. It builds on the ideas of collective intelligence in Deeper City, with pathway mappings, insights, demonstrations, and a ‘starter pack’. Four ‘pathways’ tracks then follow this up, running in parallel according to people, funding, case studies, and the challenges which arise;
a) Pathways Conversation: a continuing program of collective learning, thinking, creation and co-production; by dialogue and deliberation by on-site meetings or online;
b) Pathways Community – a global inter-connected network (i.e. ‘meshwork’) of like-minded ‘pathway mappers’ in many places, stakeholders, fields, sectors;
c) Pathways Platform – an open online hub for emerging collective intelligence, puts together libraries, resources, examples, ideas, contacts and projects;
d) Pathways Multi-versities – as and where a series of collaboratoria builds up, in a particular place or field or sector, we may see an integrated Multi-versity emerge – a co-evolutionary network / cluster / community, where everyone can learn with, by, and from everyone.

The Collaboratorium may evolve in many ways. The Conversation builds on the Deeper City 40 pathways to explore the implications and opportunities: while the Community adds value to the countless networks and forums already running. The Platform aims to learn from and build in new technology which not only runs a database but enables a ‘think-base’. And the Multi-versities will emerge in their own time where the conditions are suitable.

There are some open Pathways Conversations coming up  –  the Looper project on learning loop models (online, late 2020), and the Peri-cene (peri-urban climate-environment) Pathways Workshop, (Stockholm 2021).

At this point the field of possibilities is wide open… especially at a time of disruption and crisis, and the possibility of transformation for a Pandemic 3.0…. upcoming developments and the emerging community will shape the next steps.

To keep in touch / register an interest in the Collaboratorium, please put your details here: