Greetings at the point of meltdown in the politics of the left in the UK and much of Europe…

The cartoon team was moved to think about games of power, and how a strategic mapping can show both problems and opportunities.  This picture started as a scenarios for alternative futures – but it seems very useful for the politics of the day – projecting futures for power in the present.  Here we see graphically how at the right time and place, a minority establishment can persuade and enlist large parts of a collective psyche.

So is the UK destined for one party rule by a public school elite??  See the next frame for a longer view…

(BTW we don’t yet have a Future-wise Conversation on this – ( ) – so if anyone interested let me know – (and BTW the answers are ‘at the back of the book’ )


And everyone knows, if we are lucky enough to have elections, we have to play the election game… this is democracy in action – so what could possibly go wrong??


Meanwhile congratulations to the 171 UK billionaires who grew their assets by 20% !! – this reminded the cartoon team about the next in the Political Games – Equalities.  

It seems each part of society plays a different game, and the net result is the social structure and dynamics of inequality.  So we can play these games, and track the effects, and then explore how they can change, and how a new social structure might be very different to the old.   This all points towards a bigger picture – the ‘rewiring of capitalism’ – for more see the Pathways from Smart to Wise –

The Co-Evolution Game

And here’s a next generation board-game – where everything’s changing – let’s look at new kinds of strategy…. What kind of gamechangers could change the game??