The book ‘Deeper City: collective intelligence and the pathways from smart to wise’ – also known as –  ‘Urban 3.0′ – is to be published by Earthscan / Routledge – .


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Chapter 1: prologue

Chapter 2: Outlook

Chapter 3: Toolkits

Chapter 4: Cities

Chapter 5: Economies

Chapter 6: Ecologies

Chapter 7: Technologies

Chapter 8: Politics

Chapter 9: Insights

Chapter 10: Local-Global

Chapter 11: storyline

Chapter 12: Annex

Cities are the new pattern-makers of global economies and societies… but they are too often divided and dysfunctional.  There is a huge challenge, in how to foster our cities – communities, city-regions, city-states, or urban civilizations – to ensure survival and prosperity for up to 10 billion people, on one small planet.

This book is about the emerging City-III or ‘Collaboratorium’. This is  a next generation ‘operating system’, for cities, economies, governance and other systems.  Instead of ‘winner-takes-all’ economics and ‘silo-thinking’ government, the City-III model is based on creative synergy, networked collaboration, and social intelligence.  This kind of synergy can then respond to the complex inter-connecting problems all around – climate change, social exclusion, economic vulnerability etc – and turn problems into opportunities.

How to get this synergy working?  There are no blueprints:  but there are new ways of understanding complex inter-connected problems, and designing interconnected responses.  We look for synergistic pathways, for the social-mind of collective intelligence, which can help get beyond the ‘smart’ city towards a ‘wise’ city.

Collaboratorium or City-III uses the ‘Synergistic Mapping’ method, to explore the relations between actors and factors, and how value is generated in chains and clusters. And as cities are hubs for many other domains – economic, social, cultural, political, ecological etc – there are mode-III or 3.0-models in each domain.

  • City-III: reflexive spatial development:  community empowerment & liveability: responsive housing and transport: One Planet buildings: synergistic planning & regeneration.
  • Economy-III:  circular local development: social livelihoods / enterprise models: One Planet supply chains: collaborative stakeholder finance: multi-valent macro-economics and prosperity.
  • Community-III:  social empowerment and inclusion: well-health and inter-connected healthcare: multi-cultural intelligence:  synergistic security and resilience:
  • Ecology-III: energy and climate change: multi-level food and farming: circular resource / recovery systems: integrated adaptation and ecosystem values:
  • Technology-III:  hyper-digital transitions: from smarter cities to wiser: synergistic science and social learning:  responsive education for social intelligence:
  • Governance-III: social learning & governance intelligence:  multi-level places & spaces:  beyond market versus state: live-action democracy.

The Collaboratorium or City-III aims to demonstrate mapping methods, and inspire a next generation to navigate the challenges of the 21st century “one flipchart at a time”. Alongside pictures and conversations, a field manual and many examples, it aims to bridge between vision, theory and practice.  It provides a new kind of ‘pattern language’ for scientists and students, politicians and planners, engineers and philosophers,  innovators and entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs to navigate our turbulent times.